L’esecutivo di Amazon spiega le modifiche tecnologiche nel settore alimentare e smentisce le notizie dei media riguardo ai revisori umani.

Amazon’s Evolution in Grocery Technology

Amazon’s grocery technology has recently undergone significant changes, with a shift in focus from the “Just Walk Out” system to Dash Carts.
While the former relied on cameras and sensors to enable a checkout-free experience, the latter requires shoppers to manually scan or enter items.
This transition aims at enhancing user experience and addressing usability issues.

Enhanced Dash Carts and Just Walk Out Expansion

Dilip Kumar, vice president of AWS applications, highlighted Amazon’s commitment to developing a new generation of Dash Carts for improved user experience.
While the company continues to invest in the cashier-less technology for smaller stores, the focus is now on refining the AI algorithms behind the scenes.
Contrary to misconceptions, human involvement in supervising AI has decreased significantly over time.

Media reports have inaccurately portrayed the role of human reviewers in the Just Walk Out technology.
Kumar clarified that associates are responsible for annotating and improving AI systems, ensuring high accuracy levels.
Various venues have reported increased transactions and sales, validating the success of the technology.

Reasons Behind the Transition

Amazon’s decision to phase out Just Walk Out in large grocery stores stems from cost considerations and customer preferences.
The infrastructure required for the technology in bigger stores is costly, whereas Dash Carts offer scalability and align with customer priorities such as tracking spending and utilizing coupons.

The Dash Cart’s features, including built-in sensors, scanners, and a tracking screen, cater to customer needs for convenience.
Despite discontinuing Just Walk Out in some stores, Amazon remains committed to its development for other locations and third-party partnerships.

Future Improvements and Innovations

Feedback on the current Dash Cart experience has been acknowledged, prompting Amazon to work on a next-generation version.
The upcoming smart cart promises a more intuitive and seamless shopping experience, with lighter build, improved maneuverability, and enhanced functionalities like on-cart credit card readers.

Amazon’s vision is to continually refine its grocery technology to offer customers an effortless and efficient shopping process.
While specific timelines for the new cart rollout were not disclosed, the company’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction remains unwavering.