Come Cyan Worlds, creatore di ‘Myst’, ha finito per costruire il suo mondo a Spokane

Cyan Worlds: The Legacy of Myst in Spokane

Spokane, Washington, is home to Cyan Worlds, affectionately known as “The House that Myst Built.” This unique headquarters was made possible by the success of Myst, the iconic adventure video game created by Cyan Worlds’ CEO and co-founder, Rand Miller.

The Birth of a Virtual World

Myst, released in 1993, became a blockbuster franchise, selling over 15 million units worldwide.
Following Myst’s success, the Miller brothers turned their attention to crafting a physical space that could embody the essence of Myst.
Thus, the idea of a new headquarters was born.

Choosing Spokane

While considering various locations like Hawaii, Rand and Robyn Miller found that Spokane offered the perfect mix of affordability, beautiful seasons, outdoor opportunities, and low traffic.
Despite initial skepticism, many recruits were drawn to Spokane’s charm, ideal for raising a family and escaping the hectic pace of larger cities.

Spokane’s Evolution

As Spokane has grown, so too have its entertainment options, from a vibrant downtown to cultural attractions like Riverfront Park and the Spokane Symphony.
However, with rising population and housing costs, Spokane has seen its affordability diminish slightly in recent years.

The Impact of Remote Work

With the surge in remote work, Cyan Worlds has adapted, now employing remote talent alongside its core team in Spokane.
This shift has brought flexibility and new perspectives to the company, enabling it to thrive in changing times.

Looking to the Future

Currently, Cyan Worlds is focused on reimagining Riven, the acclaimed sequel to Myst, with a modern remake.
Their headquarters stands as a testament to their journey, a decision that has provided stability and resilience through the years.

In conclusion, the story of Cyan Worlds and Myst is intertwined with the growth of Spokane, showcasing how creativity, innovation, and a sense of community can shape both virtual and physical worlds.